110″ Cinemascope Fixed Frame Projector Screen 2.35:1

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Black Velvet Frame

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The DINON is a professional smooth featured high contrast matte white screen which guarantees the best image from your projector. It’s compatible with any DLP, LCD or CRT Projector. DINON is known as the specialists in Projector Screens with continuous technology improvements to enhance the viewing of Home Entertainment.

The projection screen is a must feature in any home cinema system. A high quality projection surface will not only create, but improve picture integrity at that crucial final stage of visual reproduction. A good projection screen is designed to enhance and frame an image to help re-create a genuine-feel cinematic environment at home.

A technological breakthrough, with the matte surface offers the highest gain of all types of screen surfaces with moderate viewing angle. Screen surface can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Flame retardant and mildew resistant.

The Dinon Fixed Frames are high-quality fixed-frame projector screen, ideal for the perfect projection experience. The professional-quality fabric is tensioned along all edges to ensure a smooth and pleat-free surface, meaning the image is displayed exactly as intended. Being made of aluminium alloy, the frame is also very lightweight, so no major carpentry mounts are required to mount this to your wall. To aide shipping, the product is shipped in kit form, and is very easy and simple to install!

Brand Dinon
Model ID VFC043101
Screen Aspect 2.35:1
Screen Size (WxH) 257  x 109cm
Screen Size (Diag) 110"
Screen Material High-Definition Matt White
Control Method(s) Fixed-Frame , Black Velvet Frame
Gain Factor 1.2
Construction Kit-form, aluminium alloy struts
Mounting Points Wall mount points
Packing Size 284  X  25  X  17cm
Weight 17kg
Warranty 1 year full Australian Manufacturers Warranty
Voltage n/a
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110″ Cinemascope Fixed Frame Projector Screen 2.35:1
$899.00 inc GST

Availability: In stock